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Pilot Onboarding

So, you're ready to become a CAP pilot?

Start by reviewing the Pilot Onboarding Pamphlet. Ensure you've been assigned a mentor from the Squadron Director of Operations. Additional references may be found on CAP's pilot onboarding page.

General requirements may be found below. Duplicative requirements were removed in latter qualifications. Official requirements may be found on the Operations Qualifications page of eServices by clicking on “What Do I Need?”.

eServices > Operations > Operations Qualifications > Ops Quals > Pilot > What do I Need? >


VFR Pilot


  • Active CAP member

  • 17 years old

  • FAA pilot certificate

  • FAA medical

  • FAA flight review (current, from outside CAP)

  • CAP Level 1 professional development

  • Aircraft Ground Handling (AGH)

  • Aircrew Professionalism

  • General Emergency Services (GES) (additional Wing requirement)

  • Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) (additional Wing requirement)

  • Personalized Pilot Onboarding Plan approved by Wing Director of Operations (additional Wing requirement)


  • Onboarding flights

  • Statement of Understanding

  • CAP Form 5 check flight (CAPF-5)

Instrument Pilot


  • CAP VFR Pilot

  • FAA instrument rating


  • CAP Form 5 check flight (CAPF-5) instrument pilot endorsement

Transportation Mission Pilot (TMP)


  • 18 years old

  • CAP VFR Pilot

  • Incident Command System (IS) 100

  • Incident Command System (IS) 700


  • 50 hrs cross country

  • PIC 100 hrs

  • Commander endorsement

Orientation Pilot


  • CAP VFR Pilot


  • PIC 200 hrs

  • PIC 300 hrs for AFROTC

  • Commander endoresemnt

  • Orientation pilot online exam

  • CAP Form 5 check flight (CAPF-5) orientation pilot endorsement

Mission Pilot


  • Transportation Mission Pilot (TMP)

  • Mission Observer (additional Wing requirement)

  • PIC 175 hrs (for training)


  • Familiarization and Preparatory Training

  • Advanced Training

    • Incident Command System (IS) 200

  • Exercise Participation (x2 sorties)

  • PIC 200 hrs

  • CAP Form 91 check flight (CAPF-91)


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