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Squadron Patch

Our patch was designed, created, and officially approved in the latter half of 2006, during Lt Col Max Gore’s tenure as Commander of the 115th Composite Squadron. His support and encouragement were instrumental in obtaining approval for this patch by Wing and National at the time. Capt Annie Formanek was asked by Lt Col Gore to design the patch as part of a Wing initiative, under Col Reggie Chitwood’s tenure, aimed at encouraging all squadrons within the Arkansas Wing to create distinctive patches for their units.

Meaning Behind the Patch

The patch is a combination of both CAP’s mission and our squadron name / mascot. The unofficial mascot for the two years prior to this initiative had been the Flying Tigers, in honor of a World War II veteran guest speaker. However, Hot Springs officially claimed that mascot in 2002 before we could. There isn't much information on how we came about selecting “Nighthawks” as our mascot name.

  • F-117 – Aircraft Name is referenced to the Squadron Name / Mascot
  • 13 Stars – Stands for 13 colonies.
  • Sword of Justice – Cadet Programs (ROTC)
  • Lightning Bolt – Emergency Services and Communications mission
  • Black / Silver –Aerospace Education (Space)

Patch Approval

The patch was approved by Col Doug Alexander in December 2012 after updates were made to include “Composite” in the name at the bottom of the patch. We also had the patch digitized so that it could be used on other media.

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